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Our Goals

Pasadena Equity is working to replace Pasadena's illegal marijuana market with a locally owned and regulated system that protects public health and safety. Our mission is to educate lawmakers and the community about the societal costs of Pasadena's failed marijuana policies and the benefits of regulating and taxing marijuana similarly to alcohol.

Equity Permit Program

Pasadena should establish an Equity Permit Program for cannabis dispensaries that issues permits to Equity Owners using the following criteria for Equity Owners:

1. Is a Pasadena resident at the time the permit issued; and
2. Has lived in a combination of Council Districts 1, 3 or 5 for at least ten of the last twenty years or was arrested after November 5, 1996  and convicted of a cannabis crime or other cannabis related violation in Pasadena, California.
3. Owns a minimum of 51% of the operation and maintains operational control.
4. No assignment of operational control, benefits or management contracts with otherwise unqualified third parties is permitted and shall require a revocation of the license. 
5. A minimum of fifty (50%) of all permits collectively issued by the City of Pasadena shall be issued to Equity Applicants.  This includes permits issued to the initial three (3) dispensaries.
6. All dispensaries must maintain a staff comprised of at least fifty (50%) Pasadena residents and twenty-five percent (25%) Pasadena residents in census tracts identified by the City Manager as having high unemployment rates or low household incomes.
7. The application process for Equity Owners is bifurcated.  Equity Owners can first obtain a license without procuring a specific real estate location in advance.


Active Pasadena Liquor Licenses 

Pasadena Equity
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